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About Luxury Auto Care & Towing Services

Luxury Auto Care & Towing is a well-established auto body and towing company based in Roseville, California. We aim to offer you a better service with an honest and reasonable price. We are very much a part of the community in Roseville. Indeed, all aspects of our business are locally owned and operated via a network of independent affiliates. We are told by our customers that this gives us and our team a little something special that they seek out with other businesses of our nature, but only find with us. We are certain that you will see why. We place customer satisfaction at the helm of our operations and pride ourselves with offering access to the very best in auto repair and locksmith services available in Roseville.

When you call us, no matter where in Roseville you are or whatever time of day it is when you call, we will dispatch the right professional locksmith, roadside assistance technician or towing specialist to you immediately. It’s really that simple – call us, and a licensed expert will be there by your side shortly.

Roseville Towing & Auto Body Services

A list of some of the more popular services on offer, spanning the whole width of the industry, can be found below. Please give us a call so we can discuss the way can assist you: