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Car Maintenance Services in Roseville

Are you having difficulty with your brakes? Do you hear a screeching sound in your tires? Do you know the exact amount of miles it’s been since you last had an oil change? You never want to take any chances when you’re on the road. The road presents us with more than enough challenges and hazards to concentrate on. Don’t let a bad set of tires or brakes give you problems on the road. At Luxury Auto Care, we make sure that your car receives the quality services and attention it needs, before providing it with a full bill of clean health. Your car accumulates a lot of wear and tear, with each passing mile, which is why, it’s so critical that you take good care of your ride.

It’s also very important to make sure that your heating and cooling system is running properly. The cooling system keeps the engine from overheating by transferring the heat produced by the internal combustion engine to the air. Your engine is the heart of your car, and should always be running smoothly to ensure that you are driving a safe vehicle. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable mechanics will check under your hood to make sure that everything is running and flowing smoothly. You simply cannot afford to drive a car that has any engine problems, and we won’t let you. Your safety is our top priority, and we make sure that all aspects of your car, is in perfect driving condition. You never want to take a gamble choosing the wrong mechanic. We’ve got the credentials, testimonials and years of experience, to gladly back us up.

Our Roseville Auto Services include:

● Full Automotive Repair
● Brake Services
● Wheel Alignment Services
● Oil Change
● Full Engine Repair / Replacement
● Heating & Cooling Services
● Flat Tire Change and Replacement
● Filter Replacement Services
● Full Vehicle Inspection

Auto Body Specialists in Roseville

All it takes is a little preventative maintenance, and you can be driving your car for a very long time. At Luxury Auto Care, we give your vehicle the proper attention at a very affordable price. We are fully licensed, and based in the Roseville area. Stop by our auto body shop today, and let us give your car the Luxury Auto Care seal of approval.