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Client Testimonials

“A car is an investment for most people. It’s this and my livelihood too as I operate a private town car service that I operate in and around Roseville. I have two other drivers who work for me and we are employed by large companies with offices in Roseville to drive luxury cars to collect our clients from business meetings, to take them to conferences and generally help them to look smart and project a good image to the business community here. There is no other car repair place in Roseville I would trust to maintain my cars and keep them looking immaculate and running smoothly every time. Luxury Auto Care & Towing are the best in town, by far.” Marc Kingsley

“I always describe dropping a car off to the new mechanic a bit like baby’s first day at kindergarten! I am perhaps a little over-protective of my cars, but that’s because I have been a collector of rare and classic car for over 25 years now and my collection of cars have become part of the family (they’re certainly considerably less trouble than my teenagers, but that’s another story…) and I give them the best auto care I can. They fellas at Luxury Auto Care & Towing never disappoint!” Phil Eden

“I won’t bother recounting the stressful circumstances that led to me needing a flatbed tow truck come out to me in the middle of nowhere in Roseville at 1am, but all I will say was I was so pleased I called the guys at Luxury Auto Care & Towing. They were so fast and had me out of there in no time.” Ian Baxter

“Thank you very much once again for being so helpful when I broke down on Tuesday. I didn’t really know where I was and gave what I thought were pretty terrible directions, but the roadside assistance team found me in 25 minutes and fixed me up with a new car battery!” Melanie Walewski